Background story

Profile –

Name Ibrahim Sesay
Nationality – Sierra Leonean/Australian
Qualifications – FFA C-licence
Level 2 PFSA – Talent Identification
FA Registered Player Intermediary/Agent
Bachelors Degree – Human Health Performance

Background Story All started at the age of 8 playing a lot of street football in the car parks after school with a size 3 ball Monday to Friday and getting home just in time do homework. It wasn’t until I was 13 years old where I played for my first local team being Earlwood Wanderers which was my first

season playing in an 11 v 11 set up. During this time the community of West African football grew immensely where football became the culture in which I grew up as and played against players bigger and faster which conditioned me to be much quicker in my decision-making process to be a step ahead.

Football filled up lifestyle whether it was playing during lunch time after school training for my local team and playing on the weekends which then propelled me to play youth representative football for teams such as CYC Stanmore Hawks, Rockdale City Suns and St George just to name a few.

At the age of 18 I decided to explore football outside the box of Australia and travelled and played in the most amazing places in the world learn and adapt to a lot of the different bathe collegiate system which was the experience of a professional footballer training 5 times per week and travelling interstate to play matches.

I experienced playing football in countries in England, Spain, Japan and Thailand until playing the last few years competitively in Australia in the Illawarra Premier League for Cringila Lions which had a very good family friendly environment which the fans around the club really made it such a joyful club to play for.

As the global pandemic put a stop towards football I discovered a new avenue in football coaching which I had experiences in being qualified in talent identification and player management for additional support for players alongside providing football training.

Acquiring all the accreditation to help each player who comes through the doors of Clinical football to have all the resources possible to get their foot in the door and have that opportunity to play football and to have the freedom to believe.